The Most Common Biting Bugs

When it is nice outside and you want to enjoy the spring or summer air in your own yard, the last thing you want to do is deal with all of the bugs that could potentially be looking for a human to feast on. There are all kinds of bugs out there that you will have to think about protecting yourself and your family from, as it is nothing to take lightly.

Some of these bugs are known for carrying and transmitting diseases onto humans. While this is not the norm, it is still something you will want to think about when you are spending time outside and planning how you will combat the bugs that are hiding out in your yard.

What Biting Insects Can You Expect to Deal With?

There are several common biting bugs out there that like to make themselves known in the spring and summertime, when it is the best climate for them to come out and look for a source of food. To help you get an idea of some of the bugs you might have out in your yard, check out the three most common biting bugs found in yards across the US.

The most common are mosquitoes, and we all know how annoying these tiny fliers are. They are known for being the carriers of such illnesses as West Nile Virus and zika, and they can often be hard to spot until you heat their signature buzz.

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Another highly common bug in the spring and summer is ticks. These little creatures hide in tall grass or brush, lying in wait for a human or pet to cross their path so they can latch on and try to suck some blood.

Finally, you can also expect to find chiggers in your yard. These are highly common and very small bugs that cause reddish spots and a good amount of itching when they bite.

You don’t have to simply accept that these bugs are a normal part of your yard. You can get rid of them, and go back to enjoying time out in your yard for a few months until they inevitably return the next time the weather warms up. If you’d like to combat all these tiny pests, contact mosquito control services in Wauwatosa so your yard can be treated and the bugs driven away.